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How to Handle a Bad IDES C& P Exam

Within two weeks of finishing your VA C&P exams for your DOD IDES case, please request a copy of your exam reports from your PEBLO. If you find inaccuracies or misstatements in the exam, we can address these problems in one of three different ways.  First, by sending an e-mail documenting these shortcomings to the MSC as well as your PEBLO, asking the MSC to upload the e-mail to your case file.  Second, we will work together to address these inaccuracies in any rebuttal or impartial review of your medical board narrative summary so that it is on record for a future VA DRO review. Finally, we will begin addressing these points in each of your follow-on medical appointments while your initial rating decision is pending. Not to worry, I am accustomed to rectifying such issues and can help you to do so


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