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Why You Must Deal with Bad C&P Exams in IDES Cases

In September of 2018, I posted an update about how to deal with bad VA C&P exams in IDES cases that advised you to request a copy of your VA C&P exams within two weeks of taking the last exam. This received pushback from some PEBLOs, who argued that you would receive copies as part of your MEB package.  That is acceptable, but you must carefully review the exam reports for errors, as the VA rating that is initially binding on your service comes directly from these exam results.  While there isn’t a provision in the IDES process to correct inaccurate VA C&P exams, these inaccuracies can be identified in a rebuttal to your medical board.  This will bring them to the attention of both the IPEB and the VA D-RAS Rating Activity.  Next, you should also address these inaccuracies in medical appointments with your providers prior to the rating decision coming back and have them agree that the exam findings were inaccurate.  This will go a long toward enabling you to file a successful VA One-time Reconsideration Request should it be necessary.  If you become one of my clients, I will do all of this for you- forewarned is forearmed.


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