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How to Avoid a $250,000 Typo

It is absolutely vital that you read every rating decision in detail, comparing it to the findings of your VA C&P exams, your Medical Board Narrative Summary and any addenda to these documents.  Why? Because failing to do so can cost you anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending upon your pay grade. Just this afternoon I detected two very significant errors in DOD/VA IDES rating decisions that cited to the wrong peripheral nerve group in assigning disability ratings to upper extremity injuries. Why was this important? Well, under the criteria established by 38 CFR Parts 0-17, injuries to some nerve groups are worth more than others, depending upon their function. In each of these cases, correcting these errors was worth an extra $700 per month to the individuals in question.  Both of these clients are under the age of 35 and may be expected to live to a normal life expectancy.  In other words, these typos almost cost each of them $250,000!


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