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How PTSD Cases Are Analyzed on TDRL Review

If you are placed on the TDRL for PTSD, you may expect to have your case reviewed within a few months of your initial retirement date. Even in the age of COVID-19, these reviews are still happening promptly.   I have been receiving calls regularly over the past few weeks from TDRL members in receipt of findings proposing a dramatic decrease in their disability ratings- typically from 70% to 10%.  After a few minutes of speaking with them and reviewing their records, the basis for these proposed findings becomes clear- they have not been seeing a therapist regularly.   When asked, they will tell me that it has been hard to get an appointment due to the pandemic.  This answer will not be accepted on appeal as the various PEB panels nationwide expect you to be able to attend therapy by telemedicine.  If you do not, then they will assume that your symptoms can be managed by medication alone, and this equals the 10% rating criteria.  My advice- while on the TDRL for PTSD or other trauma-related disorders, you must attend therapy at least twice a month to avoid being seen as someone able to manage his or her symptoms by medication alone.


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