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How Much Time Do You Actually Miss From Work?

I am positively aghast every time that a prospective client tells me that they only miss few hours a month from their assigned duties, because in most cases they are only counting the time during which they actually have medical appointments.  This reflects a very basic misunderstanding among service members and their chain of command that often results in tragically inaccurate nonmedical assessments or Commander’s statements that actually hurt the service member in his or her case.  You see, this is a process in which you are expected to account for times when you had to come into work late, leave early or take breaks from your assigned task due to the symptoms of your various medical conditions.  It is also expected that you will identify any accommodations made for you as a result of your injuries.  If you do not provide board members with this information, how else will they receive it?  While they may be highly trained, dedicated professionals, they are not clairvoyant.  It is up to us to ensure that any and all nonmedical evidence accurately reflects both your limitations and how your various medical conditions impact you in the performance of your duties.


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