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Fraudulent Entries by VA C&P Providers

I recently had a case in which either a VA C&P examiner or a member of her staff signed my client’s name to a form attesting that a goniometer had been used during all aspects of the range of motion testing in his case. In fact, this was not true. The veteran refused to sign the form upon leaving the clinic and reported the discrepancies to me, his PEBLO, and his MSC. A review of the form containing his alleged signature against several past writing exemplars made it plain that he had not signed it.  This documentation was critical to us in preparing a VA One-time Reconsideration Request, as the VA examiner’s measurements varied greatly from those of previous DOD and civilian providers.  Had these errors been allowed to go unchallenged, the veteran would have received disability severance pay vice the retirement that his various conditions merited.


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