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For Health Care Providers Placed onto the TDRL

​If you are a health care provider being placed on the TDRL, it is imperative that you do not take a position at an MTF or VA facility in which you appear to be working in the same capacity as when you were medically retied from your branch of service.  While I realize that it a relatively easy transition for you to become a civilian employee or contractor in such settings, the perception of IPEB members upon a TDRL review will be that you can work within your military career field.  This may result in a very disappointing decision to find you Fit or to dramatically reduce your disability rating. If so, you will have only yourself to blame.  Simply saying “But, I can’t deploy!” will not, repeat not, be enough.  For example, if you were medically retired for being unable to perform your duties as an Army anesthesiologist at Madigan AMC, it makes no sense for you to claim to remain unfit while working at the same facility as a contract anesthesiologist.  Therefore, if you are a health care provider about to retire onto the TDRL, please seek employment in the private sector in less demanding positions vice simply walking into your old MTF or a similar VA entity on a Monday morning as a civil servant or contractor.  The retirement that you save will be your own. If you are in such a position, then you will need to be prepared to differentiate as to why your present post is less physically or mentally challenging than your previous duties as a military health care provider. And, trust me, this will be a much harder battle than you may imagine.  A word to the wise… 


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