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Everyone has an opinion, but …

It is positively amazing how many times prospective clients come to me and say “I know what my case is worth, because I have been told that …” .  Stop right there, my friend.   Unless the persons proffering these opinions have reviewed your medical records, non-medical evidence and have previously been adjudicators or counsel in administrative settings- i.e. on IPEB, FPEB, PDBR and BCMR levels- they really have no idea as to what your case is worth.  This holds true for PEBLOs and your local medical officers as well.  As for civilian counsel, any opinion proffered is only valid if the attorney has recent, practical experience in your particular system- IDES or legacy, armed or uniformed service, each branch is different. So, first be certain that the person proffering an opinion knows your case well and is familiar with your particular branch of service.  Otherwise, their opinion is worthless. Caveat emptor.


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