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During the PEB Process, Social Media is NOT Your Friend!

If you are being processed through the Physical Evaluation Board system- legacy or IDES, it is imperative that you either take down your social media footprint or edit your privacy settings to only close friends and family.  Why? Because PEB members are now actively searching the Web for evidence that you are engaged in activities that contradict your current profile, duty limiting condition report or limited duty chits.  Many times, they will take either old or current photos out of context and assume that you are capable of more sustained physical exertion or engaging in more physical activities than your medical records may indicate.   This could seriously prejudice your case on the Informal PEB level as well as compromising your case in formal hearings.   A word to the wise- do not exceed the limits of your profile, even to please the most demanding of family members or significant others, as it will hurt you.  Please also limit your appearance on the social media accounts of other family members and friends. Make no exceptions until your case is over and you have achieved the outcome that you wish!


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