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Document Migraines Now, Avoid Headaches Later

If you suffer from migraines on a regular basis and believe that these headaches render you Unfit, here is how we will establish this fact for the PEB and the VA Rating Activity.  First, you must be prescribed both abortive and prophylaxis medications by a neurologist who has diagnosed you with migraine headaches- being diagnosed by your primary care provider does not count.  Second, you must document in an online or paper calendar format when such headaches occur and how long they last- this will allow your provider to document this information in your medical record. Finally, you should have non-medical evidence letters from 3 to 4 coworkers or supervisors documenting how these headaches affect you in the military workplace.  If we wind up working together, I will walk you through every step of this process so that your condition is fully and fairly documented for rating purposes.


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