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DA-7652: Why This Form is the Key to Winning Your Army IDES Case

​Time and time again, I come across prospective Army clients who are dissatisfied with their IPEB findings and wonder why various conditions were not found separately unfitting.  They often comment that the drafters of their MEB Narrative Summary found the conditions to be service-disqualifying, but the IPEB did not. Invariably, it is because the soldiers in question did not provide their Commander with bullet points describing how each of these conditions separately affected their ability to perform their assigned duties.  Example: if you have neck, lower back, knee and shoulder injuries, you must describe how each injury adversely affects you in the final text block of the DA 7652. If it is not listed in that block as hampering your ability to perform your assigned duties, then the IPEB members will assume that it does not do so. Conversely, if you are trying to be found fit, this block should describe why the referred conditions do not affect you in the performance if your duties.  It is that simple.


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