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Confirming Receipt of Your Election of Options with the PEB

One of the most important things that you can do when making your election of options regarding your PEB findings is to obtain independent confirmation that it was received by the board. If forwarded electronically through your PEBLO, ask them to confirm by e-mail that it was received by the PEB admin staff.   If you forward it yourself by e-mail, please obtain confirmation that it was received so that you have an e-mail track record of it.  If you forward it by fax, then please save your transmission receipt. If by mail or overnight carrier, always insist upon a signature to prove delivery. Why? Because I have spoken with three people recently who thought that they had perfected their appeals. They realized that had not occurred when they received their severance checks.  It will take two to three years through the BCMR/BCNR process to try to correct these errors, with no guarantee of success.  Please save yourselves thousands of dollars and months of stress by being able to prove when you filed your appeal. The retirement that you save may be your own. 


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