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Combat-Related- Covers More than Actual Combat

Many of my prospective clients do not realize that some of their injuries may be considered to be combat-related or incurred while in ultrahazardous service.  Recently, I have obtained combat-related status for two Marine Corps officers whose orthopedic injuries were incurred while participating in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP).  Also, several of my Coast Guard clients whose injuries were suffered in search and rescue, fisheries and law enforcement settings received combat-related status under the ultrahazardous activities definition.  And, I have had a couple of USPHS clients who received this status for injuries incurred in hurricane relief operations. Thus, you should always review these issues carefully with your retained or detailed counsel so that you ensure that the IPEB and FPEB members have both the medical and nonmedical evidence needed to make such a finding in your case.  Not to worry, I always review potential cases with this thought in mind.


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