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Can Cancelling Psychotherapy Appointments Lead to a Reduction in Benefits?



Simple answer, Y-E-S.  If you are a service member on the TDRL or a veteran who is subject to reevaluation of a service-connected mental health disorder, you will find that armed and uniformed services, as well as the VA, take a dim view of persons receiving benefits of 30% disabling or more for a psychiatric condition not being in therapy.  Their thought process is very straightforward- if you are not in therapy, then you must be managed on medication alone.  This equates to a 10% rating and would knock service members off the TDRL into a disability severance setting.  So, if you do not like your therapist, then you should simply change therapists. If you cannot attend in person due to travel difficulties or other commitments, use a video therapy session or telehealth consults. In any case, attend therapy at least twice a month until your case is final. After that, it is up to you and your provider as to whether you should continue.


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