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Army PEB Cases- When Your DA-7652 Doesn’t Match Your Evals

Like all the armed services, the Army PEB system is a performance-based disability system.  This means that the DA-7652 prepared by your Commander should specifically identify each of the medical conditions that adversely affect you in the performance of your duties.  He or she should describe in a sentence or two what the specific impact of each condition is upon you for the benefit of subsequent reviewers.  If you wish to be found fit and returned to duty, then this description should be modified to reflect why these conditions do not affect you.  The next issue that arises is when your DA-7652 describes you as being unable to perform any meaningful duties, but your recent evals show you to be a great performer. While everyone knows that this is simply due to the chain of command wanting to keep you eligible for promotion, such evals can and will be used against you in the disability process.  The easy way to counter this technique is to have your DA-7652 include a sentence or two describing that these limitations are profound but not reflected in your marks. Instead, those marks and comments were assigned based on the quality of your work in an exceptionally limited or minimal role


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