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4 Ways to Use Nonmedical Evidence to Win your PEB Case

In the performance-based PEB disability evaluation system, nonmedical evidence is vital in showing why one or more of your various medical conditions should be found service-disqualifying and assigned disability ratings.   This evidence typically consists of letters from supervisors, coworkers and subordinates describing how your injuries or medical conditions adversely impact you in the military workplace and can be used effectively in several different ways. First, these letters can provide vital input to your Commander in drafting the Command Impact Statement. Second, this evidence may be used to persuade your medical providers to add additional unfitting conditions to your case if it shows that these disorders or injuries impact you in the performance of your duties. Third, VA C&P examiners are required to assess how a condition affects you in the workplace and having such letters at your C&P exam can be very helpful to them.  Finally, the strongest letters may be used as exhibits at formal hearings to add additional unfitting conditions to your case; in some cases, you may want to have these individuals testify in person or via speakerphone if a formal hearing is needed in your case.  A word to the wise, do not neglect this vital part of your case.


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