Lest We Forget

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus will host an awards ceremony to honor the lives lost and recognize heroic actions during the tragic event on Sept. 16, 2013, at the Washington Navy Yard. It will be streamed live at 9:30 a.m. (EDT).  Here is the link to view this moment of remembrance, along with a […]

Never Bite the Hand that Feeds You

It is quite common for me to deal with issues concerning inadequate medical care or a lack of support from my clients’ command structure whilst they are going through the IDES or legacy process.  However, many clients lack the perspective to realize that formal hearing panels are focused solely upon your medical condition(s) and how […]

Practice Makes Perfect

Today’s case illustrated the importance of developing a good rapport with your client.  By spending hours practicing responses to the types of quesitons that I would ask as well as those that might be raise dby baord members, my client was quite comfortable, relaxed and able to think on his feet.  These practice sessions refreshed his  memory and brought to […]

Traveling to Your Hearing

One of the biggest administrative difficulties that I encounter occurs when clients do not properly plan their travel to formal hearings to allow for several hours of preparation the night before the proceedings. While we will have undergone extensive preparation by phone, Skype and other methods ahead of time, the night before your hearing is […]

How to Evaluate Cases without a Crystal Ball

I cannot begin to count the number of times when a prospective client recounts some basic facts to me by phone and asks “Do I have a case?  And what percentages will I receive?”  Honestly, when I graduated law school 26 years ago, they gave me a piece of paper not a crystal ball.  There […]

The Importance of this Day in American History

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of Arlington National Cemetery, the resting place of many of our nation’s finest men and women ever to don the uniform and fight under our flag.  Rest in peace, thou good and faithful warriors.

Everyone has an opinion, but …

It is positively amazing how many times prospective clients come to me and say “I know what my case is worth, because I have been told that …” .  Stop right there, my friend.   Unless the persons proffering these opinions have reviewed your medical records, non-medical evidence and have previously been adjudicators or counsel in […]

How to Avoid a $250,000 Typo

It is absolutely vital that you read every rating decision in detail, comparing it to the findings of your VA C&P exams, your Medical Board Narrative Summary and any addenda to these documents.  Why? Because failing to do so can cost you anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending upon your pay […]

The Purpose of VA One-time Reconsideration Requests

Many times when I am reviewing initial IDES combined rating decisions with prospective clients, they will tell me that they want to go to a formal hearing (“FPEB”) to increase the ratings assigned to DOD unfitting conditions. Frankly, in the IDES process, that is not how things work. The purpose of FPEBs is to add […]

When the Day Seems Darkest

There are some days when my clients are truly burnt out from the effort required to work with me to build an effective case and achieve the best possible results in their military and VA disability cases.   When they reach those moments, I always suggest a quick break for a little fresh air, exercise, […]